From Truthless to Clarity: Your Essential FAQ Companion on Szeth’s Journey

Unlock the secrets of Szeth from the Stormlight Archives with this comprehensive FAQ article, delving into Brandon Sanderson’s epic fantasy world.

Here are all the questions that are asked the most often regarding him and his journey. These questions are from The Way of Kings to The Words of Radiance.

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Who is Szeth’s master?

Since Szeth became Truthless, he has been a slave to whoever holds his Oathstone. The stone keeps getting sold or stolen, implying that many masters have possessed it. Here are all the masters of Szeth in chronological order.

  1. After being banished, Szeth was bought by an assassin named Liss. However, she eventually sold him to slavers in Kholinar.
  2. Szeth was purchased by Klade, a member of the listener council. Under pressure, he revealed his Shardblade and was commanded to assassinate King Gavilar during a treaty signing. After Gavilar’s death, listeners discarded Szeth’s Oathstone as they fled Kholinar.
  3. The stone was eventually picked up by a traveling merchant named Avado who became Szeth’s next master. Avado took him to Jah Keved and sold him soon after.
  4. The stone changed many hands before a transient worker called Took got it. But he showed off his slave while drinking in Ironsway which led to him being robbed and killed.
  5. Makkek took the Oathstone, realizing Szeth’s true value as his slave.
  6. During a mission, Szeth discovered his master and target were killed. His Oathstone, now controlled by a new master, who forced him to unleash his full powers, causing destruction. He killed high-ranking members and realized Taravangian was his master.
  7. One could say that the next master was the Herald Nale but Szeth decided after a while that he had a choice and then chose to follow Dalinar Kholin. He found out that Knights Radiant has returned after his battle with Kaladin. He realized that he wasn’t Truthless which led to an intense journey of self discovery. He decided that he now has a choice and didn’t have to follow orders from whoever was holding his stone.

Who ordered Szeth to kill Gavilar Kholin?

An influential group known as the Five ordered Szeth to assassinate King Gavilar Kholin of Alethkar. The Council of Five are the ruling members of the Parshendi. Each of the Five is the elected leader of one of the currently recognized Parshendi forms of power (i.e., dullform, mateform, nimbleform, warform, workform).As a member of the listener ruling council, Klade, who had purchased Szeth, relayed the command from the Five to Szeth.

The Five recognized the immense potential of Szeth’s deadly skills and his possession of a powerful Shardblade. Seeing an opportunity to further their own agenda and potentially disrupt the delicate balance of power in Roshar, they schemed to eliminate King Gavilar during a moment of vulnerability – the treaty-signing celebration.

Although Szeth carried out the assassination as ordered, the full extent of the Five’s involvement and their ultimate goals remain shrouded in mystery. The Stormlight Archive series slowly unveils the true nature of their organization, their reasons for targeting King Gavilar, and the wider implications of their actions, leaving readers and scholars eager for further revelations.

So why did Szeth kill Gavilar? The ruling class of Parshendi, the Five, ordered him to assassinate the king.

What did Gavilar give Szeth?

Gavilar gave Szeth a strange dark sphere, instructing him to keep it away from “them.” This small, crystalline sphere emitted an eerie black light, seeming to absorb the surrounding light. Its purpose and contents remain a mystery, but it is speculated to be related to Voidlight and Odium’s Investiture.

This enigmatic sphere plays a significant role in trapping spren and may hold the key to understanding the ancient, crucial spren mentioned by Gavilar. Its connection to the assassination and the fears of Eshonai and the Council of Five adds further intrigue to its nature and significance. The true nature of this mysterious sphere awaits revelation in the Stormlight Archives series.

Who is Szeth’s spren?

We know that Szeth has bonded to a highspren but the spren has refused to reveal themselves. The spren doesn’t pop up, speak to him, or reveal their name. He bonded with a spren when he swore the Third ideal and the spren showed their approval before the Battle of Thaylen Field. We will get to know more in the upcoming 5th installment of the Stormlight Archives series.

Continue your duty for now. But remember, the time will soon come when you must abandon it for something greater.

—The highspren to Szeth

Why is Szeth Truthless?

Szeth, known as Szeth-son-son-Vallano, earned the title of Truthless when he boldly proclaimed that the Voidbringers and the long-gone Knights Radiant would one day return to Roshar. The Shin leaders met his words with disbelief and condemnation. They viewed his claim as a dangerous falsehood and an affront to their deeply held beliefs rooted in Stone Shamanism.

In response to what they perceived as a fundamental betrayal, the Shin leaders enacted a severe punishment upon Szeth. They branded him as Truthless, the lowest social class among their people. Stripped of his former status, he became bound to an Oathstone, forced to serve as a slave to anyone who held it. This enslavement meant obeying the commands of his master without question, except for taking his own life and surrendering his Honorblade.

Being Truthless carries immense weight for Szeth. While outsiders might perceive it as a position of high value due to their unwavering obedience, the Shin regard the Truthless as worthless within their own society. He bears the guilt for all the deeds he is commanded to commit, without absolution or respite. The prohibition on taking his own life further prolongs his suffering, ensuring that he endures the consequences of his supposed transgressions for as long as possible. This is how they named Szeth Truthless.

Is Szeth dead?

Szeth dies in his fight with Kaladin in Words of Radiance. Nalan of the Heralds and the Skybreakers found his body. He healed Szeth’s body before the brain died and put the soul back into the body immediately.

However, they didn’t reattach the soul properly, which is why people said that Radiants of high enough power were able to see an afterimage of him when he moved. So by the end of Words of Radiance, Szeth isn’t dead dead anymore (although he had wished he were.)

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