Stormlight Archives: 30 Memes, puns, and captions on Szeth

“Szeth-son-son-Vallano, Truthless of Shinovar, wore white on the day he was to kill a king.” – The introduction to our boy who knows how to silently flex with his outfits.

Puns and captions on Szeth-son-son-Vallano

  1. Why did Szeth become a swordsman? Because he heard it was a killer job opportunity!
  2. Szeth is always on the cutting edge of combat.
  3. Why did Szeth join a cooking class? He wanted to learn how to wield a cutting edge in the kitchen too!
  4. Szeth’s opponents are left bladeless in his wake.
  5. How does Szeth navigate a crowded room? He “edges” his way through with his Shardblade!
  6. Szeth’s expertise in combat is truly edge-ucational.
  7. Why did Szeth go to therapy? To work on his “assassin-ment” issues!
  8. Szeth’s Shardblade skills are a cut above the rest.
  9. Why did Szeth always win at hide-and-seek? Because he could always “blade” his way to victory!
  10. Szeth’s martial prowess is cutting-edge.
  11. What’s Szeth’s favorite sport? Fencing, of course! He’s a natural at the pointy end of things.
  12. Szeth’s enemies fall victim to his slice-and-dice tactics.
  13. Why did Szeth start a gardening hobby? He heard it was a great way to “cut down” on stress!
  14. In the realm of shadows, Szeth emerges as the harbinger of justice.
  15. How does Szeth keep his Shardblade looking sharp? He takes it to the Shardbarber for a trim!
  16. Where others see chaos, Szeth finds purpose amidst the whirlwind of battle.
  17. What’s Szeth’s favorite board game? Risk, because he’s always ready to make calculated moves and dominate the board!
  18. Szeth is the type of guy who takes ‘blade runner’ to a whole new level.
  19. Why did Szeth take up dancing? He wanted to master the art of the “lethal pirouette”!
  20. Szeth’s hobbies include long walks on the battlefield and decimating his enemies.
  21. Szeth’s enemies have a ‘sharp’ learning curve when it comes to facing him.
  22. Szeth: the living embodiment of the saying, ‘With great power comes great slicing ability.’
  23. Szeth’s Shardblade: the ultimate fashion accessory for those who mean business.
  24. Szeth: the silent storm that leaves destruction in his wake.
  25. Szeth’s opponents are left reeling, wondering if they’ll ever get a ‘blade’ of the action.
  26. Step into Szeth’s world and experience the shardblade-thin line between chaos and order.
  27. Szeth’s foes often try to run, but he always ‘cuts’ them off.
  28. Szeth’s preferred method of problem-solving: a swift strike with his Shardblade.
  29. They say Szeth’s Shardblade is the only thing that can trim a Herald’s beard.
  30. Szeth’s sword is so sharp, he could give a paper cut to a voidspren.

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