From Shadows to Mists: A Tribute to Vin

A poem from the point of view of Vin from Era 1 of the Mistborn series, written by Brandon Sanderson (Warning: Spoilers for Era 1).

Poem from the point of view of Vin in Mistborn

From shadows I emerged
A spark in the ash and mist
I trusted only two things
My brother’s voice and my Luck’s twist

To a crew of thieves I was sold
A tool for their cons and heists
I buried my power deep within
Afraid of its gifts and costs

By a Mistborn I was saved
A leader and a mentor
He showed me how to flare the metals
And how to grow and soar

To a court of nobles I was sent
A spy in silk and lace
I met a man who stirred my heart
And challenged my mistrust and grace

Of a plan I was a part
A dream of change and freedom
I faced the Lord Ruler himself
And brought him low with steel and wisdom

As an empress I was crowned
A lover and a ruler
I cherished my husband and my people
And fought for their survival and future

To a well I was drawn
A lure and a mistake
I freed a god of ruin and death
And doomed the world to break

By a force I was hunted
A whisper and a thorn
I searched for clues and allies
And found them in the misty morn

By a power I was chosen
A friend and a burden
I became the Ascendant Warrior
And faced the final curtain

With a sacrifice I paid
A life and a soul
I killed the god who shattered all
And made the world whole

I am Vin, the Mistborn
The Heir, the Lady, the Mother
I watch over the mists and the people
And wait for my lover.

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