Where to Get Lease Agreement Forms

If you`re a landlord or property manager, one of the most important documents you`ll need to have on hand is a lease agreement form. This document outlines the terms of the rental agreement between you and your tenant, and provides legal protection for both parties.

While you could create a lease agreement from scratch, it`s often more efficient to use a pre-made form. There are many different sources for lease agreement forms, including:

1. Online legal document services – There are many websites that specialize in providing legal forms, including lease agreements. Some popular options include LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer, and Nolo.

2. Real estate associations – If you`re a member of a real estate association, they may offer lease agreement forms as part of their membership benefits. Check with your local association to see what resources they have available.

3. Property management software – Many property management software providers, such as Cozy and Buildium, offer built-in lease agreement templates for their users.

4. Lawyers or legal services – If you`re unsure about the language or content that should be included in your lease agreement, consider working with a lawyer or legal service. They can help you create a custom form that meets your specific needs.

When choosing a lease agreement form, it`s important to make sure it`s legally valid in your state. Laws regarding rental agreements can vary by state, so be sure to read up on the requirements before using any form.

In addition to the lease agreement itself, be sure to include any necessary addendums or disclosures. Depending on your property location or type of rental, you may need to include information about lead paint, mold, or other hazards.

Finally, make sure both you and your tenant sign the lease agreement and keep a copy for your records. This will help protect you in the event of any disputes or legal issues down the line.

By using a pre-made lease agreement form, you can save time and ensure that your rental agreement is legally valid. Just be sure to choose a reputable source and customize the form to fit your specific needs.